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지금 어디에 있니?

Hello wow it's been like 329847 years since I updated!

Uhh well... honestly I'm not going to recap the entire last almost-two months since I last posted because that would be super boring, and I think the people who are interested in my life in Korea are probably already reading seoulrhythm. So instead have something completely different!

I'm actually going home from Seoul in 3 days (I leave on the 8th and also arrive on the 8th, timezones?!), and I've been kind of reflecting on the matter. I think I've had a really wonderful and enriching and totally atypical experience of Seoul, in the sense that I came with certain expectations that ended up completely blown out of the water by how phenomenal it was. I've met a lot of people whose company has been wonderful and who have definitely changed me a little bit, even if only through the way I deal with annoyances, haha. I've done everything I've wanted to do in Seoul (and Korea—and Asia, actually, since I also got the chance to go to Tokyo and that was amazing), and so I don't think I'll regret it when I go home.

It'll be weird as shit to be back in America, but I think being away from home has also helped me appreciate things I previously took for granted—being able to communicate easily with people around me, for instance. Always knowing what's in food products because I can read labels. Being able to find things in department stores, and if I can't, being able to ask someone to help me find it! Driving! Fresh fruits and vegetables! Etc.

Of course, I still want to come back to Korea when I've graduated college and maybe spend a year or two teaching here before I go on to either graduate school or a real career. But before that, I'll have some time to re-familiarize myself with America and all the things that I can do there but can't do in Korea. \o/ Yeeee.
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