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entry for people who just want to know if i'm alive or not

12/6: Final performance test for piano
12/7: Final paper due for AmLit
12/11: 10-12 page research paper (factors motivating the academic performance of underprivileged youth in urban public high schools)
12/11: Poetry slam for the students I taught all semester at St.B
12/12: Poetry slam party for students at WESM who don't get included in the poetry slam listed above
12/12: 6 page research paper (lol nbd) comparing and contrasting the economies of two Asian countries (probably Korea and Cambodia?)
12/13: 7 page reflection paper on processes of detecting the divine in literature
12/13: 7 page analysis paper answering the question of whether Maurice Bendix believes in God
12/13: Paper critiquing the assessment that we live in an age where the highest moral good is love

On the bright side, I don't have any actual test-tests... like no multiple choice or anything. Just a shitload of papers and a poetry slam to prepare for. I kind of wish that the poetry slams could have been timed in such a way that they aren't like 2 mandatory hours of not writing the papers I have to write for the rest of my classes, but oh well. There's nothing I can do about it. (I also don't like that the professor didn't include the WESM students in the poetry slam she's hosting for St.B students, leaving me and Katherine to either organize, fund, and host our own poetry slam or let the WESM students get left out of the year-end festivities.)

I finished my Korean class at KCCLA, where we obviously don't get graded or anything, and next week I'm supposed to be participating in a singing contest (participation in which meas free registration next term!) but I don't know all the words and I have like 7 million papers to write so I'm not sure if I'll even participate after all... Plus, I just finished Intermediate C, which means there's no more Korean left for me to take at KCCLA. They don't have Advanced courses. So...

It's funny to me that I finished Intermediate C though because I suck at Korean??

Well whatever. Anyway, I'm alive. Mostly. Peace.
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