a sky full of lighters (metafictionally) wrote,
a sky full of lighters

uh well

I graduated. happy graduation to me!

I also moved to Korea, although I'm currently sitting in a hostel in Osaka, Japan. visa issues are a bitch. did you know you can only apply for a Korean visa through a consulate in your home country? unless you're a teacher with a confirmation of visa issuance number, in which case you can get your visa any damn place you choose.

the last three days have been a blur of not understanding anything anyone says to me, which is an abrupt change from Seoul. even though my Korean is intermediate at best, I still have enough knowledge that I basically understand what people say, and I can make myself understood when I need something. in Japan, I have no idea. like, if it weren't for the guy at Famima gesturing to the microwave when he asks me if I want him to heat up my packaged dinner, I would have no idea what on earth he just said.

but it's a beautiful place, a beautiful city. I like it much more than I liked Tokyo when I went last year, although I think I would like it more if it weren't alone.

I switched my flight so I'm coming back to Seoul on the 17th instead of the 20th now that I know my visa request won't even be accepted, let alone processed. it'll be nice. I forgot to give my alien registration card back to the immigration officer before I left the country and I'm not 100% sure what that means. am I committing immigration fraud?

what else. nothing, I guess. hi guys, bye guys, just dropping in to say I'm still kicking.
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